Jonathan Tavares

self-taught JS& formerly PHP Developer, aspiring DevOp and enthusiastic problem solver.

Hi! I'm a 36 years old Portuguese web developer, who enjoys non-corporate environments and coding for challenging projects, currently working and living in Lisbon. This is my extended CV, crafted with answers to the most common questions in my past interviews. You can either print this page or find a plain text version on my github page

What do I do?

  • Software Architecture
  • Fullstack buzzwords
  • React/Vue/Angular
  • DevOps/Terraform/K8s/AWS.
  • Webservices, SOAP/REST

Public Profiles:

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Work Experience

since Nov/2018 Web Developer at Singular

I am currently with Singular, a small team of T-Shaped engineers that embrace challenges together using pragmatic and iterative approaches.

I work with...
  • Mainly Backend development using JS and TS
  • PostgreSQL and GraphQL
  • A Bunch of React/Nextjs/Vue/GraphQL
  • Some AWS (s3, ec2, sqs, sns, ebs, Lambda, Cloudwatch, Codebuild/pipeline/deploy)
  • A tiny bit of k8s, helm and terraform

from Abr/2015 to Nov/2018 Web Developer at Impossible

Tech-lead on Impossible People. Impossible People was an altruism-based social network which invites people to give their services and skills away to help others. This is now an OpenSource project built with Ionic2 and nodejs.

Tech-lead on Kinsu, a startup around Microinsurance. Kinsu has since died :(

Backend development on Nikabot and DevOps for other in-house projects

I did...
  • Mainly worked on open source projects and in-house projects and was very happy about not doing client facing work.
  • Focused on backend development
  • Introduced myself to devOps
I worked with...
  • the coolest god damn tech and design team in Portugal
  • JS, NODE, PHP, Bash... anything goes
  • AWS (s3, ec2, sqs, sns, ebs)
  • Ionic, React, Node, Cordova, Angular2 and other JS frameworks and tools
  • Codeigniter, SLIM, Laravel, PHPunit and other php frameworks and tools
  • Memcache, redis, rabbitmq, and other 3rd party tools
  • NEO4j, Mongo, MySQL, Solr

Set/2012 to Abr/2015 Consultant at NOVABASE, working at SAPO a company owned by Portugal Telecom

SAPO was a giant in Portugal working with everything "web". I joined a team called "onDemand" that dealt with streaming content, be it video with MEO Kanal, music with MEO Music, or games MEO Jogos. All three projects were multi-platform and had thousands of active users on each platform (Mobile/PC and TV) every day.

I did...

I was focused on backoffice and frontend, but I also helped on everything else the team did. From building webservices from the groud up to architecture and scale backoffices, I've worked mainly with PHP. As of the frontend, apart from the web, some of the projects had in-house developed apps that were fully made with javascript. It was a very small team on a very large company but we were self reliant and self sufficient, with (almost) full control over the projects, code, and infrastructure.

I worked with...
  • the best god damn tech team in Portugal
  • PHP5, JS, CSS3
  • Codeigniter, SLIM, PHPunit and other php frameworks and tools
  • jQuery, ink.js and other JS frameworks and tools
  • GIT, SVN
  • Memcache, redis
  • node, grunt, npm, vagrant, apache
  • XML/JSON SOAP/REST clients and servers
  • SQL, MySQL, Maria, PostgreSQL, Solr

Set/2009 to Set/2012 Web Developer at Kriação

Kriação is a-more-than-10 year old agency that operates around new media and web-marketing, most of its clients were local, but from time to time I had the opportunity to work with big names in Portugal. Kriação had incredible project variety and output, with short timings, huge pressure and a very passionate team that made it all feel like a breeze.

I did...

We had a lot of clients, so the work was either maintenance on old projects or the development of completely new ones. I developed our own CRM framework and later extended it to an E-Commerce platform, this framework was used internally in the development of most of the projects by me and other colleagues. I also worked with facebook API in the development of marketing campaigns and contests, and with multiple Payment gateway services and invoicing API's in order to make the E-Commerce part work.

I worked with...
  • PHP 3/4 and 5, JS, CSS.
  • MVC frameworks and OOP
  • UI and UX with jQuery and Prototype.js
  • Webservices: XML/JSON SOAP/REST clients
  • SQL, MySQL
I Learned...

A Lot... Besides the huge technical improvements I learned how to deal with pressure and how to deal with failure. Kriação had such a wide scope that I ended up coding a bit of everything. I also had time to learn about project management and client expectations as we often had direct contact with the final client. Kriação was great to build up team spirit, entrepreneurship and the capacity of setting and achieving goals for myself.

Jan/2009 to Set/2009 Web Developer at Softconcept

Softconcept is a small software house that specialized on developing strong full-fledged products for Hotel Management. This Huge applications were web-based and took care of every possible aspect about owning and managing an Hotel. It's main client was the Vila Galé Group, an 18 Hotels chain, all of them covered by a single centralized CRM.

I did...

I was part of a team that was put together to rebuild the app from the ground up. I was closely managed by a team leader that had a very precise vision of the final product and helped us achieve short daily goals. We all worked together on almost every feature, but I spent more time around the PHP/JS/PLSQL that dealt with reservations, room planning and invoices.

I worked with...
  • PHP 4, JS, CSS.
  • AJAX, with YUI and Prototype.js
  • XML/SOAP clients
I Learned...

As a first full time job, Softconcept was a perfect place to learn about the working environment of IT companies. I worked with very skilled developers who welcomed me as their newbie. Meanwhile, I had time to learn basic skills like version control, development cycles, deployment workflows, and self time/task management. The opportunity to work with Oracle also shaped my view and expertise around databases to this day.


2006 to set/2008

I started coding (as a job) around 2006. Working on my first freelances made me learn valuable lessons that led me to never do freelance again. Unfortunately most of these projects and companies are now gone (it's been almost 10 years). The freelance projects included:

  • Dynamic presentations and small Flash games
  • Simple PHP Websites with custom CMS
  • Simple PHP CRM systems and plugins
  • ZenCard modules for online shops


High School (2007), IT Specific Course, Technology and Computer Science, (Curso tecnológico de informática), escola Secundária André de Gouveia in Évora